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We are often asked what makes the clothes we make sustainable and how we achieve the feeling of something special that our customers experience when they touch our fabrics.

We decided to write this article to answer these questions. And to help give you a glance behind the scenes of our online space – the spaces around crafting and design.

Handmade, with inspiration and care

We put a lot of love and attitude into crafting our products – an important aspect of creating a piece clothing to us.

Each of our pieces is designed with great inspiration and care, and is made to bring its owner joy, comfort, and satisfaction, as well as to serve long and faithfully over many years. We choose colours and shapes that are independent of fashion trends and that underline the classic beauty of the natural, which does not depend neither on trends nor age. 

Each of our pieces of clothing and garments takes plenty of time to be made – they are crafted slowly and with precision by our wonderful seamstress, Lily, who puts her heart and soul into every garment she makes. Many of the details are only possible by hand.

Natural fabrics

We have chosen to use primarily natural linen fabrics. For us, linen is an amazing fabric that also has healthy qualities. Linen is air permeable, does not retain bacteria as well as pollution causing substances. It dries quickly and has the ability to cool on warm days as well as keep warm on cold days. Linen fabrics get nicer and softer with each wash and as we always advise, they look in our opinion even more beautifully than ironed when they are left to show their natural wrinkles.


One of the most important advantages for us in choosing linen as the main fabric from which to make our clothes was the fact that the cultivation of linen crops, unlike cotton, is extremely friendly to soil and water as resources. Linen relies to a much greater extent on natural rain-fed irrigation for its cultivation, than cotton. And so the use of linen, and thus the conservation of natural resources, became one of our causes.

In addition to the choice of fabric, our thought for a resource-friendly approach is also expressed in our choice of other materials related to the finishing of the garment. We sew as small as possible cotton treatment marks onto each garment, so they don’t have to be removed and discarded. The marks we use do not irritate the skin, on the contrary, they are nice to skin and soft. Plus, you can always look them up for reference on how to treat the garment if you missed that info at the beginning. Or if your daughters or granddaughters one day wear your dresses and want to be sure what care they require.

The rust marks and our brand name stamp are embroidered on with recycled thread and again are quite small so there is no point in unstitching and throwing away. So, as well as trying to make sure our clothes are overall aesthetically beautiful, we also try not to pollute the environment with unnecessary waste with our labels.

Finally: part of what makes our clothes special and sustainable are our labels, which many of you have already come to love. They are made from handmade recycled paper with plant seeds embedded in them, harvested from our homelands. In addition, the screen-printing of the label is done by hand, as is the cutting of the labels themselves. We have deliberately dispensed with metal for the hole through which the cord for hanging our label passes, again to avoid unnecessary waste, and the cord itself that we use is also made from a natural material. The label can be soaked in water over 24 hours, cut into small pieces and planted in soil for wild plants to sprout, or be used as a bookmark.

Your ideas

Do you have more ideas on how we can be even more sustainable? Let us know! We’d love to get more ideas. Together we can do more, and the Earth needs us.

Much Love,