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Our Mission

For many of us it is obvious that as humankind we cannot continue living the same way we have been in the last decades, destroying nature for consumption in the false believe that resources are endless, and paying the price of local and global social and environmental injustice.

We need to find new ways to be gentle to ourselves, to one another, and to our Home Earth as soon as possible if we wish to fulfil our duty to future generations to inherit a planet they can healthily live on. Those are big goals that require global cooperation and tremendous efforts in different sectors.

Yet we believe that everything starts small and no matter how small a step, it matters.

We want to do our part.

We have created Saint Martén in a wish to contribute to a more conscious, mindful, and ecological society. We believe that violence, in all its forms, including destroying nature, is a chain-phenomenon. As we humans bear unhealed wounds inside, we also unconcsiously hurt others around us and in the end – nature, too.

We believe that individuals who are at peace with whom they have become and with their lives, do not tolerate forms of exclusion and social injustice, but bear compassionate hearts and mature minds, instead. They are able of self-reflection, peaceful conflict resolution and fair division of resources among society members, with care for nature and the weaker ones. They co-create and do not exploit.

A prosperous socially and ecologically fair society, built on compassion, trust and understanding is what we wish to contribute to. It is an ideal and a north star we aspire to.

This is why all products we craft are meant to be a gentle inspiration: a message, that consuming less but high-quality products is better both for us, and for nature; a message that feeling and showing our true needs to each other contributes to fulfilling and conscious relationships – something so essential for our human existence; a message that we do not really have time to postpone environmental protection.

In long term, with Saint Martén we wish to give to more artisans and craftswomen and -men the opportunity to live from the work they love doing, while crafting valuable products that inspire for mindful and conscious living, as we believe that doing for living what we love is a powerful inspiration for others to follow. This is not an easy path to walk on in our neoliberal world, so it needs support and care to thrive.

With the profit of our social start up we wish to support successful ecological and social initiatives: in our homelands & in further regions in Europe.

It is these values, ideals, and vision of ours that you support by choosing a Saint Martén-product.

We thank you from our hearts for walking together!