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Social & Ecological Responsibility

With your purchase you are doing good, because Saint Martén is a social start-up.

Our work financially supports environmental initiatives in Bulgaria that protect wildlife, forests and the environment.

Wildlife Conservation – Partnership with nature  protection initiatives

With a total of 2 Euros from each Saint Martén-orders we support Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds and WWF-Bulgaria.

We believe in their causes, because the conservation of wildlife is one of the most important tasks of our generation, and we are glad that we can contribute to it.

Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB)

The Society, founded in 1988, advocates for the conservation of wild birds, their important habitats, and biodiversity, thereby contributing to the sustainable use of our natural resources. It has made a significant contribution to the conservation of populations of endangered vultures on our lands – a major conservation success of global significance. Other important achievements of the NGO in its efforts to conserve wild birds are the saving from extinction of the Dalmatian Pelican populations in the Srebarna Reserve, as well as the delineation of Ornithologically Important Sites – the basis of the future Natura 2000 network.

BSPB is part of BirdLife International – the world’s leading bird research and conservation organization.

More about the activities of the organisation you can see here:


WWF is one of the world’s leading nature conservation organisations working to halt the deterioration of the planet’s environment through the conservation of biodiversity; the sustainable use of renewable natural resources; and the reduction of pollution and indiscriminate consumption.

The organisation has been active in Bulgaria since 2006 and since then has been dedicated to the conservation of forests, rivers and protected areas. It also works to curb climate change and monitors violations of conservation legislation. It actively helps protect species such as the brown bear and Danube sturgeon. WWF is part of the “For Nature to Remain in Bulgaria” coalition of NGOs.

We support WWF Bulgaria’s campaign, please support it, too.

Friendship with Ecomuseum with Aquarium – Ruse

We are nurturing a friendship with the only museum in Bulgaria that does not just present biodiversity, but systematically explores and outlines the interrelationship between nature, the environment and human activity.

In the museum shop, you can have a look, touch or purchase our animal-shaped children backpacks.

Understanding the relationship between human activity and environmental change

The Museum runs a range of educational programs that help children, teens and adults learn about nature and the wildlife of their region and understand why environmental awareness is so important and needs efforts of each of us. It’s work we value a lot.

The museum has exceptionally good specimens displayed in realistically arranged dioramas – display cases that recreate the environment in which the featured animals and birds are found, along with traces of human presence.

What many don’t know is how stuffed animals come to be: their lives are not taken to be stuffed. All of the museum’s preparations were made after a report of a dead animal or bird was received by the museum and the bird or animal body is being transported to the museum.

The symbolic second life that the museum specialists at the Ecomuseum give to these animals and birds serves as a reminder to people that they have no right to take away their natural habitats. And that when people get to know them – to which the museum contributes greatly – people can overcome their prejudices against certain animals and birds and advocate more confidently for their conservation. One example in this direction is the museum’s work on bat conservation.

Collection of Saint Martén-images with museum preparations

Our common photo session from August 2022, in which we present a number of preparations from the museum’s collection, aims to evoke a feeling of compassion in the hearts of the people who observe the images and to motivate for caring about the conservation of the natural environment of wild animals and birds. As well as to motivate environmental awareness and behaviour in everyday life.


Thank you for striving together to contribute to a more sustainable world!

We hand-craft our products with love to inspire for mindful living that protects the environment.