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How We Produce

Each Saint Martén-piece is hand crafted with much attention and love and is the result of pure co-creation.

Our design process has two steps: in the first one we design the function and rough shape and material of each product and collection.

In the second step we collaborate closely with our artisans and craftswomen and -men and continue the co-creative design process together. This way each of them can live their own creativity, experience fulfilment from the process of creation and also let an individual imprint on the final design.

To produce our Saint Martén-pieces so that they do not harm nature and the climate we:

… chose design and materials so that our products can be produced locally and have thus lowest CO2-imprint

… choose materials that are stable and long-living to create pieces that can serve from generation to generation

… use 98 % of natural materials, which are easily degradable and do not pollute the environment, such as wood, recycled paper, wool, and cotton as well as linen

… use only non-toxic materials, that are gentle to nature

… avoid using plastic as much as possible

We do not use plastic packaging for our products. The package is minimalistic and consists mainly of recycled paper. We send the ordered products to you using recycled paper box, an ecologically friendly filling material inside the box and shipping which do not include airplane.

Our tags are made of recycled paper and contain seeds, so that they do not produce waist but can be planted to grow wildflowers.

We do not use industrialised ways of production. Each piece can be ordered only several times and remains a part of our collection for a restricted period of time only. This way it remains of a boutique value, and you can be sure that the piece you poses is unique.