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Cookie Policy


What are “cookies” and what is their function?

“Cookies” are small text files stored and kept in the memory of the computer or device used by the customer for operating in the online shop or the browser used by the customer to visit the online shop.


“Cookies” facilitate the user/customer when using the online shop by providing them with the opportunity to customize their data and preferences, so that they do not need to repeat them and re-enter them each time. The “cookies” remember the information entered/sent by the customer when using the online shop and during their operations in the platform over a certain period of time. In this way they improve the performance of the online shop and improve the user experience in the platform. Some “cookies” analyze the customer’s behavior and contribute to the collection of statistical data.

What types of “cookies” do we use in our online shop?

The trader uses session and persistent cookies. The first type of cookies (session cookies) are temporary files that remain at the user’s terminal until expiration of the respective session of the online shop. They are deleted after you close the web browser. The second type of cookies (persistent) are stored at the computer or other device used by the customer for a certain period of time defined in the cookie parameters or until manually deleted by the user.

We use the following types of cookies!

  1. Functional – there are the “cookies” that allow the online shop to function with its full possibilities and options. They are strictly necessary so that the user can seamlessly operate in the online shop. The “cookies” can be removed by the user through the browser settings, however, in this case certain sections could not function properly.
  2. “Analytics and statistic cookies” – these are the cookies used by the trader to analyze the behavior of the online shop visitors. The trader uses analytics cookies, e.g. to determine the time each user has spent in the online shop or whether the user has opened an e-mail sent by the seller.
  3. “Advertising cookies” – advertising cookies allow the trader to adapt and adjust their advertising campaigns and marketing instruments to the personal preferences and interests of the user. In this way they can provide personalized offers in the future. The cookies of that type remember the users that have viewed given products or product categories.

How to disable the use of “cookies”?

The cookies can be managed through the browser settings. The user can disable or enable cookies at a later stage with these settings. You can define your preferences for each browser and/or device that you use for access to the Internet.